Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chilly in Chile!

I´ve been waiting to say that I´m chilly in Chile for a while, and it´s really true!  There is not as much snow here in Valdivia, Chile as there was in Argentina, but it is still very cold.  There is also a lot of fog here, and they have four main rivers running by the city.  The first night we were here, we stayed in a hostel, but then we met up with our nice friend Pato, who is a missionary and teacher in Valdivia.  He let us stay in his apartment for the next two days, and gave us a tour of the city!  We went to a great restaurant, visited an old Spanish fort on the ocean front, and caught up on sleep.  There is great seafood in the city because it is close to the ocean.  My favorite was fried salmon- it was so tasty!  Pato has an adorable little daughter who he calls Kung Fu Guagua.  She is very cute and is a happy baby.  I also got the best hot chocolate I´ve ever had in my life in Entrelagos, where we also purchased very detailed marzipan in the shape, texture, and style of tiny fruits, but it didn´t taste very good.  A nearby volcano has been spewing ash into the air for sometime now, but luckily most of the ash has been carried into Argentina.  We had to say goodbye to our friend Pato in the bus station, and rush  north to Santiago to catch our plane to Peru!

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